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Cake Smash Sessions

"My dear child...As you grow up, may you lose all your fears and inhibitions but never the innocence in your soul." -Author Unknown

The Cake Smash

The cake smash - quite possibly the messiest type of session I offer!  My standard cake smashes include four components (family portrait session, child mini portrait session, the cake smash and a washbasin set), and come with more than 50 available deluxe themed backdrops and sets…and a range of pint-sized toddler props.  They may be some of the messiest sessions, but they're also one of my favourites.

Let's make your little one's entry into toddlerhood a magical one.  Contact me today to reserve your space for a fantastic cake smash you'll never forget.

 For additional information on my cake smash sessions, please visit

I work with a fantastic local baker for stunning colour-coordinated cakes at the price point that best meets your needs, or you are welcome to bring your own!


I've worked with more than 100 cake smashes over the years, and am including just a few in my gallery below.  Due to the breadth and variety of photos in each cake smash - which can be overwhelming in one main gallery - I have split them into two galleries below - the cake smashes and the washbasin/child portrait/family portrait photos.  Each cake smash is unique and brings with it its own style and personality - hence why the images in a universal collage sometimes vary in terms of colour and personality.   

Cake Smash Portraits

Child Portrait / Washbasin / Family Portraits 

Don't forget that my standard cake smash sessions come with a complimentary child & family portrait session - and my beloved antique washbasin set-up!

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