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The Cake Smash

Toddlerhood is an amazing journey all on its own.  No longer a baby, on the brink of childhood.  Little people with wants and demands - yes, demands! - very distinctly theirs.   The first birthday is an amazing age - little children on the brink of walking, talking and becoming the people they will be.  It's a messy birthday, but one of celebration.  


The cake smash session is designed to honour this transition - to celebrate the child's first birthday with a special session designed perfectly for this age group.  My standard cake smash sessions come with four components:


  1. Family portrait session

  2. Child mini portrait session

  3. Cake smash

  4. Washbasin set

For these sessions, western with a personal consult to go over the details of your session and themes you'd like; my full cake smash galleries and backdrops gallery may be good references for you in developing your themes.  If you'd like, I can put you in touch with one of my gourmet bakers for a cake perfectly tailored for your session - and I'll work with my baker to ensure that our cake matches perfectly with your theme! - and all aspects of the session are tailored to your vision.


With all of my cake smashes, I have a plethora of toddler-friendly props on hand.  (Some restrictions apply for props offered at in-home cake smash sessions.). You're welcome to bring any special props / balloons /decorations that you'd like added in, and all cake smash clients also receive a prep guide that goes over details designed to ensure that we maximize the success of our cake-smashing fun.  If you prefer to bring your own cake, I am happy to recommend a variety of bakers and cake styles that have worked wonderfully with past clients, to ensure the cake itself is a -pardon the bad joke - smashing success. 

If this is a little more than your needs, I'm pleased to offer a basic "just the cake" smash session.  These sessions include solely the cake smash, perfect for those wanting just a touch of sugary goodness.  

Your cake smash with Kirsten Laufer Photography

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