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Ladner Business Association
Breakfast with Santa - 2022

It was my pleasure meeting your family and capturing your special time with Santa this weekend.  After the past few pandemic years, it feels wonderful to have in-person Santa visits once again!

The edited images from the Breakfast with Santa are online!  Please note that you will need the password on the card you received at the breakfast in order to access the images.

I try my hardest to capture a variety of images that each tell a unique story.  As such, no two families have the same number of images, nor are any two images identical.  I work hard to ensure variety in the images we both capture and include, and have ensured that each family has at least two downloadable images included in the gallery.  


There is a download button on each individual image; it's the cloud button with a little arrow pointing downwards on the bottom left side of each image.  We kindly request that you download and share solely the images of your family.  Please do not share this link with those not in attendance at the breakfast.

Your family's images are yours to download, share, print and use for your own personal needs.  

Happy holidays!

Please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions that you may have.

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