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Family Session with M & L

M & L were blessed with a sweet little boy last year. In the blink of an eye, he turned 15 months. On the brink of toddlerhood, his parents hired me for a family session as well as a mini portrait session to celebrate their son's growing sense of adventure.

What a sweet adventure it was! We had fun playing in the grass, singing songs and twirling around. The little guy was - as most toddlers do - so often off on a mission, so mom, dad and I all chased him through the grass. We danced, we played, we giggled. It was a great evening dancing in the setting sun.

From everything I've heard, we generally don't remember our lives at 15 months. However, I'm pretty sure if this little guy could, he'd remember the fun of a photography session that let him run around in the grass, swing in his parents' arms, and play a miniature piano perfectly fit for him. Our photography session was one full of love, joy and smiles.

Here are some sweet teasers from the family session; I will post photos from the mini session with our little piano man later.

Interested in a summer family session or your own piano session? Limited summer spaces available through August - please contact me to set yours up today!

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