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Our Amazing Team

We are the Vancouver-based photography team for the ECE world.


Our entire team is Vancouver-based, and as parents to children ourselves, we are not just photographers...we are friends, neighbours and community members.  Welcome to our world!


We truly get childhood, and it is this enthusiasm that we bring to our services.

A little more about us:

Kirsten, Lead Photographer and Owner


Kirsten is the lead photographer and founder of KL Child Photography.  In Kirsten's eyes, there's nothing like the joy of a child.  Her world has centred around children since she was little - in her adult years, as a teacher and as a figure skating coach.  She has a master's degree in education from a California university whose unofficial mascot is bizarrely a semi-intoxicated tree.  (Yep, you read that correctly!)  Coupled with a simultaneous love for photography throughout much of her life, she considers herself blessed to have had quite the path to running KL Child Photography.

Photography is her way of capturing the beauty of the world of children, of treasuring the authentic moments and joy of this unique journey that is the world around us.  As a mother to two children, Kirsten started her photo business in 2016 as a way to capture the amazing experiences of family life and parenting, and began working with schools the very next year.  For her, school photography should be primarily about creating a wonderful experience for the children, with photography then serving to capture such a fun moment in time.  Her two energetic and amazing children are the inspiration behind every photo she captures.

In her free time, she loves traveling, learning languages, eating good food and boating.  Aside from a camera, the way to her heart is through the sea; Kirsten is enthralled with the ocean and loves nothing more than exploring the coast.  She also has American work status, and would be happy to partner with schools south of our border!

She lives in Ladner, BC with her husband and kids.

Carmela, Associate Photographer 

Carmela is the mother of a curious little boy and wife to a wonderful husband. Her family is her life, and together, they share an amazing love for good food. From growing in their garden to cooking together in their kitchen, the kitchen is the busiest place in their home; it's where they are always exploring different recipes. Both Carmela and her husband used to work in kitchens, and they both continue to carry forward their passions for food and flavour. In the spring, they like to get their hands dirty (especially her husband!) and get their soil ready for the next season; their connection to their food is important to them. They also enjoy sitting in their garden, eating there with family and friends, having good conversations and great music. 

Before having her son, Carmela used to travel a lot and explore.  She lived in France for a couple of years and did a few backpacking trips in Europe. Carmela has slowed down in traveling internationally but will definitely pick it up again now that her son is a bit older. She was born in the Philippines and she is keen on bringing her family there to show them her roots. 

She has a curiousity in exploring arts and crafts. Carmela has sewing and painting in her radar; she just needs some time to sit down and do it. Other things she enjoys are board games and puzzles. 

Carmela started photography 20 yrs ago as an associate wedding photographer. She really enjoyed it but got a little burnt out towards the end, so she left for other opportunities. It was her son who inspired her to return to this beautiful craft. Carmela loves preserving beautiful moments in people's lives. And what an honour it is to be a part of these special moments!  Through her photography, she likes to focus on connections. Whether she is doing family, maternity, couples, or children, she aims to show the connection between her clients, or the connection between photographer and client.  Carmela wants to show you you, just as you are, showcasing your genuine smiles and laughter. 

Carmela and her family live in Vancouver.


Kim and Rob, Customer Service Assistants




Kim and Rob are our absolutely phenomenal customer service assistants - the faces behind the emails and the friendly voices behind the phone calls!  


They are a wonderful team with an amazing family - their three children are a beautiful blend of personalities and ages, adding excitement and joy to their daily lives.

They prioritize family time and love spending time together, whether it's cooking dinners, going on weekend hikes, or watching their kids follow their passions in sports or other activities. They believe in fostering a warm and nurturing environment where their children can grow, learn, and develop their unique personalities.

As parents, Kim and Rob are dedicated to providing their children with a strong foundation of love, support, and encouragement. They are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to all the adventures and challenges of raising their three amazing kids.  As local parents, they understand the importance of great photographs of our children,  and are happy to assist you with any photography/ordering questions that you may have.

Kim and Rob live in the Fraser Valley with their family.


Photos by Courtenay Unger


Family photos by Carol-Ann Photography

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