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School Portraiture...with Personality!

 Your school photography journey starts here!

(And in my sample gallery, of course.)


This is where it all begins.  We specialize in school photography because - plain & simple - we believe that all parents deserve images of their children that put a smile on their faces.  I have a master's degree in education and two decades of experience working in the education realm.  If you're interested in diving right into our sample gallery, please feel free to grin at the adorable faces we've captured over the years!


Young children are amazing, and this is what KLCP school photo sessions capture.  Kids do best when they're encouraged to be kids, even on photo day.  Your photo session with KL Child Photography is unique in that it authentically reflects your students' joy, their personalities, their energy.

We are the photography team for the Early Childhood Educator...the team who knows what makes preschoolers bubble with joy and laughter.

I almost named my school photography business Peek-a-boo School Portraits...I'll just leave it at that.  KLCP exists for the games, the laughter and the joie de vivre of our children.  Please click here to learn more about my story!  I'm truly pleased to be the premier Vancouver (BC)-area school photographer serving young childhood.  


On photo day, we will be showing up at your school, camera equipment in tow.  I have a small staff of local photographers who are also educators, moms and devoted members of the community.    Can photo day be any more personalized to your school's needs?


Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of my services, feel free to walk around this page (and the sample gallery below) and look through some of the images we've captured over the years.  The smiles, laughter and personality of these little ones never cease to put a big grin on my face - it's the reason why we work so hard for this type of work.  I feel fortunate to have a 20-year background working with children as well as a master's degree in education...and perhaps even more critical, a personality that fits in well with the under 6 set!  I'm a photographer who knows my Paw Patrol characters and can count out a myriad of strange renditions of Baby Shark.  There's nothing better than making our children laugh with delight!


Wouldn't you want your families to have images like these?


The parents of the children whose photos are contained within have granted me explicit permission to use their photos as sample images; many of these children were part of a model call held explicitly for the purposes of this site.  We currently serve over 5000 students in the metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley region annually, and privacy is important to me.  We never share images unless we have full written permission directly from the parents to do so.  

And the little guy in the raccoon shirt mugging for the camera around my page?  That's my own son at not even age 4 - the little man who is equally the inspiration for my work and the exhaustion he brings to my life.  (And by far my most challenging client yet!)  He's 8 now, and I'm so thankful I have these memories of his sweet smile from preschool.

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