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The School Photography Experience

From start to finish, we are available to walk you - and your families - through the school photography experience.


If you are interested in these boutique-style photography services, these are the steps involved:

  1. Reach out to me at to 604.330.3933 for more information and to discuss your particular needs.

  2. Set up a mutually-beneficial date (or dates) that works for your school's needs; we operate school photography services year-round, and returning clients get priority booking.

    1. Generally speaking, we work comfortably with up to 60 children per day; we can work with larger daily numbers on request.

  3. Select a backdrop​ from my ​collection and also let me know if graduation caps and gowns are needed, if graduation photos are selected.

  4. Decide if you'd like traditional class photos or yearbook-style composites.

  5. Provide KLCP with class lists using provided template so that online galleries can be set up for our photo day.  This information is kept private at all times and used explicitly for the purpose of the online galleries.

  6. Notify your parents that KLCP will be providing photography services this year and direct them to my parent site for additional information!

  1. We arrive early to ensure we have plenty of time for set-up.  

  2. For solo photos, kindly bring children in small groups: 2-3 infant/toddlers, and up to 5 preschoolers.  For children who are having a rough transition to daycare, we recommend having a favourite teacher bring them to my set. 

  3. Be prepared for a day of fun, games and silliness!  (And to quote some of my clients: "Gosh, photo taking is an exhausting job!")

  4. We provide take-home flyers with each child's individual login to the private / secure gallery.  If your school receives them, please hold onto them and then distribute to parents once we give you the go-ahead (generally 7-10 days after the session). 

  1. I edit the photos and prepare the class photos.

  2. Images generally go online 7-10 days after the photo day; an email goes out to all families directing them to their child's unique gallery.  Each child has a fully-secure, password-protected gallery that also links to class photos (if applicable).  Images are never shared or published beyond these private galleries unless I receive explicit written permission directly from each family.

  3. The ordering window is roughly 7-14 days, depending on the time of year.  Parents can order directly from the site, with the option to pay via secure check-out methods, including credit card, PayPal, or EMT upon request.

  4. Parents receive digital downloads immediately upon payment.  Once the ordering deadline closes, orders are sent to my professional printing lab partner and then shipped directly to the school for distribution.  (Schools may instead elect for shipping directly to families' homes, in which case drop-shipping charges will be added to each order.)

  5. The school receives a gallery containing copies of all final images - student portraits, class photos and staff headshots - once the ordering deadline passes.

  6. Late orders are allowed through the end of the school year; they will be subject to drop-shipping charges for print orders to be shipped directly to the shipping address provided at check-out.

  7. KLCP is available throughout the ordering process for any questions, special requests or technical difficulties that arise.  Yes, technical glitches may arise with our ordering software.  As a small business owner, I am 100% committed to walking each family through them personally.

  1. Please contact us at or 604.330.3933 to book your session today!


Pre-booking / early in the booking process

The photo session

After the photo session

Sound good to you?

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