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Holiday Minis and Extra Services

We recognize that many schools look for additional offerings that they can share with their families.  As such, we're pleased to offer holiday minis and themed events exclusively for school partners.  KLCP has more than 60 themed backdrops available for schools to use for our special themed portrait days.  


What are some of our options?

Child portrait sessions

We are happy to bring our studio sets to you for giftable images of just the students around the theme of your choice.  Child portrait sessions are perfect for holidays and - with more than 60 backdrops on hand - for any other occasion!

Santa photos 

If anything, the strange 2020 school year taught us to be creative in our thinking.  Want a socially-distanced, Christmas-focused gift for your families?  We are happy to use images from your school's photo day to create Santa images - complete with your school's logo! - that can be shared/printed with your families.  Please visit my Santa page to see some of the options available to you.

Graduation photos

Preschool/kindergarten graduation is a milestone for your parents.  Let KLCP come capture those moments - whether with standard graduation portraits, graduation ceremonies & events, or families with their graduates.

Family portrait minis

Are you thinking you'd like to have a photography event to gift your families?  Family portrait minis are the perfect option.  Select a theme and a day/time, and we will bring a full-sized family set to your school for a personalized photography event sure to wow your families, done right at your school.

Your style session

Have another idea in mind?  We are all yours.  With KLCP, you don't simply get a gal with a camera...although that's an option as well, should you prefer!  We are your full-service school photographer who is happy to extend our services to creative, unique outside-the-box ideas that will make your school stand out and provide long-lasting benefit to your school community.


The gallery below contains images from a variety of our studio sessions; school mini sessions are a similar style and personality.  Rates for services custom tailored to each school's unique needs.  On-location sets scaled for portability.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 3.25.55 AM.png
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