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KL Child Photography in the Schools:
School Portraiture...with Personality!














Capturing the natural joy of childhood.

Do your families want images that capture who their children are at this point in time

- the laughter, the smiles, the fun?  

Does your school photographer show up in a princess dress and a superhero cape?

"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing pictures you have taken for B. He had photos taken in the past by other professionals, but I could tell by his smile that he truly enjoyed it this time. Whatever you did on that day it worked!  You were able to capture his genuine smile and the real him. These pictures will be a wonderful memory! Thank you, Kirsten!"

-Mary, mom to preschool client, June 2019

Welcome to Kirsten Laufer Photography!

A story:  


When my older son was in kindergarten, he came home with his school photos.  I giddily opened the envelope...and stood stunned at the proofs.  Gone was the sweet, playful little boy I knew, replaced with two expressionless images of a child whose eyes were barely open.  His retakes that year weren't much better.  As a photographer who was running a successful family portraiture business in the lower mainland, I knew that this was by far the best option for school portrait services.  


...and with that, KL Child Photography was born!

A little more about me: 


We are the premier metro-Vancouver (BC) photography service for early childhood (ages 1-6).  The photos we capture are the smiles, the games, the laughter, the attitude and personality that comes with childhood.  Over the past few years, we have focused our services on the preschool set - providing local schools with a personalized, boutique-style studio experience that your parents will love and cherish. 

I am a mom to two crazy little boys, little men who alternate between putting smiles on my face and grey hairs on my head.  (As I type this, my younger son informed me that "Mommy, I put things for a smoothie in the blender!  We are having lemon...and mushroom!"). As your photographer, my goal is to capture the photographs and memories I'd like to have of my own children - the authentic childhood, the natural, the candid, the fun.  

I am unique in that we are the sole metro-Vancouver photography company focusing exclusively

on ECE school services.  


Read more below!


A few self-portraits with my own crazy men, July 2020.

On photo day, an educator, neighbour and community member is the one who shows up to your school, camera in tow.  


Your photographer may show up wearing a princess dress and superhero cape, prepared to belt out 30 renditions of popular kids' songs and bounce up and down for hours on end.  We may have a discussion about Chase and Marshall, Anna & Elsa, or the best Spiderman moves.  During Covid times, my mask often had a homemade smiley face already attached to it.  We love working with this age group, and our sessions are designed to truly capture the life and personality of young childhood!  

In addition to solo portraits,

we arepleased to offer a range of additional services: 

Class photos/collage class photos

Sibling photos

Free staff headshots

Graduation photos

...and in conjunction with partners:

Christmas & other holiday photos

Fundraising mini sessions

Event photography 


All schools automatically receive all digital images from every photo session for school purposes!

Have an idea for services beyond this list?   Send me a message.

Because we are a locally-owned small business who takes pride in our work, we are happy to tailor our services to fit your needs.

Please see our sample gallery and visit the links below for additional information on my services:

Sample Gallery

Reviews and Testimonials

Advantages of Partnering with KLP

The Process

Sample Price List

Interested in booking?
Please contact us for further details:

604.330.3933 or



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