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Reviews and Testimonials

"Kirsten, Wow!! You are incredible! The photos are simply stunning this year.

You simply make the children shine. So impressed...The parents will be thrilled!

With much appreciation for your work."

-School director, September 2022 (4 years together)

As a small business owner, we strive to offer the best photos, customer service and all-around photo experience that we can offer to our clients.  As such, we are pleased to share the following reviews from my school photography clients.

Are you interested in speaking directly with one of our clients?  Many of them are happy to chat.  Please contact me at so that we can put you in touch with one accordingly!

 Satisfied Clients Include:

Currently serving 5000 students throughout metro-Vancouver -  

at over 60 schools across the Lower Mainland (and beyond)!

Eighteen large daycare facilities of more than 100 children each

Nine sets of preschools/daycares with multiple locations 

Five Montessori schools

Two private schools serving elementary school

Two inclusive / special-needs schools

Thirty infant-toddler programs

One parent-participation preschool 

A list of satisfied partners  and references available upon request.

From School Administrators:

"Kirsten is an amazing photographer who truly makes the children feel at ease. Kirsten has worked with our centre multiple times and is always so patient, organized and kind-hearted. She has never failed to capture the moment and directs children to do multiple poses to suit their personality. Kirsten is not afraid to act silly to get some giggles from the children which we love!


Her quick turnaround is outstanding, she can capture children’s photos in seconds and will always go above and beyond to make sure each family is happy with the outcome. We adore having Kirsten as our school photographer for multiple occasions (back to school, graduation & winter photos). She will always provide numerous backdrop options & is always there to help us decide the right choice if needed. Kirsten has always proven to be the best in the service, and we highly recommend her. Thank you Kirsten!!

- Chloie, Daycare Manager

We have used Kirsten for our daycare and preschool (children aged 1-5 years old) photos for a couple of years now, we love how quickly she is able to capture each child’s genuine smile.  We would say Kirsten is set apart from other photographers with her speed in presenting the proofs for families along with how promptly the families receive their photos after placing the order!  Our families all really love the photos as shown by the great response in orders that we receive from our families! Kirsten takes care of it all which is lovely for the administrators of our programs!”

- Lauren, Daycare Manager

"We are so happy to have found Kirsten Laufer Photography. She has done class photos and individual photos for our 3 and 4 year olds classes, a winter themed photo shoot fundraiser for families at our preschool and most recently graduation photos! Kirsten is professional, efficient and patient. Kirsten offers a variety of photo packages that work for everyone’s budgets and ordering needs! We look forward to all of our future photo sessions with Kirsten in our Preschool."

-Shantel, Preschool Administrator

"Kirsten is truly the photographer for children! I run a small private school that specializes in teaching children who have a variety of learning needs and can have a really tough time getting their photos done. Kirsten never fails to capture the best smiles and authentic moments from all of our students. She's creative, flexible, and goes above and beyond for every shot. She has worked with us multiple times over the years and has always proven to be the best in the business. She goes above and beyond to ensure timely, friendly service and her prices are fair for the quality of her work. We love you, Kirsten!"

- Lisa, Preschool Administrator

"Kirsten is wonderful with children and very patient, which is especially important when working with young children. Our indoor Photo Day was cancelled due to (Covid-related) preschool closures, but she proposed to do it outdoors and our parents loved the idea and had a big turnout! Thanks to Kirsten, they will have great photos to cherish in years to come!"

-Theresa, Preschool Administrator

"Here at our schools, we have had the opportunity to do business alongside Kirsten for all of our photography needs in the past couple of years. Kirsten has always been an absolute pleasure to work with and has always gone above and beyond for us. Kirsten's communication is absolutely amazing. Any questions we have for her, she will reach out as early as the next day. We have used Kirsten for our Preschool graduation pictures and class pictures and each time she comes in all the children love getting their pictures taken by her as she is so involved with them. We highly recommends Kirsten Laufer Child Photography for all your family, daycare, school, etc. photography needs!!"

-Jaspreet, Daycare Administrator

From Parents:

"Kirsten!!!!  The preschool class roar photo is PERFECTION!!!  I wish my son had been there for it!  The individuals are so good too!  It's going to be so hard to choose!"

-Preschool parent, autumn 2019

"Kirsten!!!!  The preschool class roar photo is PERFECTION!!!  I wish my son had been there for it!  The individuals are so good too!  It's going to be so hard to choose!"

-Preschool parent, autumn 2019

"Kirsten!!!!  The preschool class roar photo is PERFECTION!!!  I wish my son had been there for it!  The individuals are so good too!  It's going to be so hard to choose!"

-Preschool parent, autumn 2019

"Kirsten did an amazing job taking photos of my two boys. It's always hard taking photos of the toddler age great because you never know what kind of mood they will be in. Kirsten is patient and able to direct the boys to do poses that I normally would not have been able to do. Nobody could have done a better job capturing a special milestone for my boys. She's been taking their school photos for two years now and it's an absolute joy to look at those photos" 

-Daycare/elementary parent

"Kirsten came to my daughter’s preschool for end of school year photos and I loved all the photos I received, I received 18 proofs. Kirsten was friendly, patient and was able to capture smiles and eye contact while making my daughter feel relaxed and happy during the entire shoot. The pricing is affordable with lots of download, print and photo packages to choose from. The best part was the turnaround time, the shoot happened on Thursday and I got the proofs on Sat! Will definitely consider her if we do any kind of photo shoot in the future and I definitely recommend her work!"

-Preschool parent

"Kirsten, I have never seen pictures of my daughter as beautiful as the ones you have captured.  We have never been able to get her to smile a natural smile in photos before!  We are absolutely thrilled with them"

-Preschool parent

"I love M's photos so much!...Holy smokes! 

Good work!"

-Preschoool parent

"Kirsten, the photos you took of our daughter today at preschool are incredible.  You have managed to capture so much of the essence of who she is at this point in her life!  Thank you, it has brought tears to my eyes as I scroll through...we will definitely be placing an order for more than just the class photo this year."

-Preschool parent, autumn 2019

"I booked a 3-minute spot for class photos for both of my girls and, while Kirsten was extremely busy, she made it very personable for each child! She was a machine! My girls had a great time posing for her and all the photos turned out amazing! I think this will be our go-to every year now <3 Thank you so much!!"

-Elementary parent

"I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful photos of my son at his daycare! I had to buy all of the digital copies because I loved all of them. You really caught his personality. I was worried about his temperament because the day that you took the pictures was his first full day in daycare but you would never know it by the photos!" 

-Daycare parent

"Thank you so much! We love them! You are awesome - I can never get her to smile for me. "

-Preschool parent

"Thank you so much! I definitely teared up when seeing her photos :)" -Preschool parent

"The pictures are super cute by the way and I nearly died when I saw the class photo.  We love the photos and WILL be ordering some...that is L's natural unabashed smile!"

-Preschool parent

...and from a few teachers:

"I just finally had a chance to look at the photos. I have no words - they are absolutely adorable and gorgeous!  I actually got teary over a couple of them. You captured them so well."

-Preschool teacher (6 years together)

"I just wanted to say: Really AWESOME photos!  You are terrific!  I truly mean it.  I've been working in education for twenty years, and have never seen student portraits as beautiful as the ones you've captured...not just at our own school, but hands-down the best school photos I have ever seen, at any school." 

-Elementary teacher (4 years together)

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