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Advantages of working with KL Child Photography

Here are just a few of the many reasons why our schools enjoy working with KL Child Photography...your true family-run, locally-owned business specializing exclusively in ECE school photography!  

For your families:

  • Genuine smiles, poses and images that reflect your students' personalities.

  • Private password-protected digital galleries of at least 10-15 high-resolution images per child - many children have nearly 20 images in a variety of poses and crops!

  • Fully secure digitized ordering system designed to accommodate schools of all sizes.

  • Digitals, prints, packages and giftable items starting at $16.75.

  • Sibling photos.  I'm happy to offer sibling/cousin/friend photos whenever requested.  

  • Online ordering done from the convenience of their own home.

  • Quick turn-around, ordering process and shipping of printed items.

  • Digital downloads available immediately upon payment received.

  • Print orders printed through a leading professional printing lab and delivered directly to the school...or if you prefer, drop-shipped to your families' homes.

  • Personalized service directly from this locally-owned and family-run small business.

No pre-paid ordering nor obligation to purchase...ever.

For your school:

  • No sitting fees nor charges to school for traditional portraiture services...ever.

  • Free digital copies of all photos taken for the school's internal purposes.

  • Free staff headshots that can be updated annually.

  • Personalized boutique-style services with systems in place to accommodate preschools/daycares of all sizes.

  • Over 60 professional backdrops and 26 preschool-sized graduation caps & gowns! 

  • Digital order forms with all ordering done in-house with KLCP.  (=no paper order forms nor moneys collected by school!)

  • Photo donation/scholarship available for a family facing financial hardships.

  • Family mini fundraising session and event/mini session opportunities.

  • One contact point for all of your requests, needs and ideas.

  • One-stop shop for all of your photography needs: portraits, graduation, events, website, fundraising.

  • Flexible and customizable services to meet your school's specific requirements.

...a few more of the nitty-gritty details

  • 100% locally-owned business.

  • Photographers with degrees/backgrounds in education and who are parents themselves.

  • Over twenty years of experience working with children/ in educational settings.

  • #boymom who "gets childhood" and lives it every day.

  • Experienced and professional.

  • Variety of deluxe backdrops and sets available.

  • Digital and print packages available at a range of price points.

  • Fully licensed and insured; background check available upon request.

  • BC Vaccine Passport / proof of vaccination available.

  • A full list of current clients and referrals available upon request.

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