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Response to COVID-19

Last Updated - December 2021

In a nutshell...

As a mom, an educator and a neighbour, I am working closely with all of my clients to ensure the continued health and well-being of all of us during this COVID-19 outbreak.  Please read on for more... 

A Personal Story...

When my older son was in his first year of preschool, he picked up RSV.  This often innocuous bug turned into pneumonia for my tiny three-year-old, and it was presumably exposure in his preschool class that led to it.  Seeing my young child in an ambulance bed and then spending two nights in a paediatric ward was easily one of the worst experiences of my life.  

It's one I wouldn't wish on anyone.  


With this in mind, I take every precaution necessary to ensure the well-being of my clients, my family and myself.  With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing, here are the steps I'm currently taking:

Vaccination Status 

I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19, having received dose 1 (AstraZeneca) in April of 2021, dose 2 (Moderna) in June of 2021 and my booster dose (Moderna) in December of 2021.  My family is also vaccinated against Covid.  

I'm happy to provide a copy of my BC Vaccine Passport to clients requesting to see it.

Outdoor Sessions

Upon discussion with a health professional at Vancouver Coastal Health, the city of Delta, city of Vancouver and WorkSafe BC, all outdoor sessions resumed as of early May, 2020.  All sessions practice social distancing at all times, with usage of a zoom lens to increase the distance between the photographer and clients.  Clients are reminded to practice social distancing at all times - including when not being filmed and walking between sites on location - in the reminder emails that are sent in the days leading up to a session, and then again at the beginning of the session itself.

Indoor Studio Sessions

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a limited number of studio sessions in my indoor studio.  These sessions use the backdrops, sets and lighting that are normally indoors.  Social distancing rules apply at all times.  All adults must wear masks at all times when not being photographed, and I kindly request that only one parent remains in the studio when not being photographed.  I wear a mask at all times around clients and use a HEPA air purifier in my studio.  When weather permits, I keep doors open to ensure cross-ventilation.


Props used are 1) washed, 2) disinfected and/or 3) given more than 2 weeks between clients.


Social distancing guidelines apply to my studio sessions at all times.  Clients are reminded to practice social distancing in the reminder emails that are sent in the days leading up to a session, and then again at the beginning of the session itself.  My studio is not large, so strict adherence to social distancing measures is imperative.  This means that as much as you'd like to have grandparents attend your little one's photo session, it is not possible until we are safely past Covid times.

At the present time, I am accepting a very limited number of sessions in-studio, and currently am unable to accept extended groups for bookings in-studio.

At the Session

First and foremost, I generally work without my own assistants and support staff; I'm a vaccinated one-woman show.  This hopefully provides some comfort by ensuring that at your session, there will be one photographer with you.  The exception to this are my Christmas sessions, when I will have an assistant on hand to help sanitize props between clients.

Payment and Processing 

I'm pleased to announce that all payment and processing related to the session is digital, and thus contactless.  My studio software processes payment and contracts from the safety of your own home.  Payment options include EMT, PayPal and credit card; I am not currently accepting cash or cheques as a means of session payment.

Cleaning of Photography Equipment 

All equipment that children and/or families may touch is cleaned after each session / day.  My beloved pencil stool and other hard props are cleaned with bleach, Lysol or other disinfectants.  My backdrops go through a hot-wash cycle, as do the gowns for my cap and gown sessions.  Soft items that cannot be washed are sprayed down with an aerosol spray.  

Client Illness 

If there is the possibility of an outbreak of COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses in your family prior to our session, please notify me immediately.  I will work with you to reschedule our dates to ones that ensure we are in a much healthier state.

I will gladly reschedule families who have the slightest question about illness in the days leading up to our session.  Clients who knowingly continue with a session while sick risk the immediate cancellation of the session, forfeiting of the unused portion of the session fee and jeopardizing my providing photography services to them in the future.

It is our collective obligation to keep all of us in continued good health.  I am committed to this for my clients' sake, and request the same consideration in return.

Photographer Illness

I have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (dose 1: April 2021; dose 2: June 2021; booster: December 2021) and am happy to provide proof of vaccination upon request. 


Knock on wood, it's been a mild illness year for my entire family.  If I have a hint of illness in the two weeks leading up to your session, I will notify your family accordingly.  I am more than willing to reschedule if illness presents itself on my side or yours.

I do not take germs lightly and operate with 100% caution for the benefit of my clients, many of whom are quite young, and thus susceptible to a variety of illnesses.  While not entirely related to COVID-19, my family is up-to-date on other vaccines, including this year's flu shot.  We have limit our own activities in an effort to keep germs at a distance, including fewer activities for our children, and my husband working from home.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  First and foremost, I'm a mom as well.  I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Please contact me for further details - 604.330.3933 or

The families in the collage below are families who I had the pleasure of working with during the spring of 2020 - all following social distancing guidelines while capturing some amazing moments.

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