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Maternity Sessions

Pregnancy is a truly amazing voyage.  The very idea of having another person growing inside of you, of being that child's complete world.  Pregnancy is truly one-of-a kind. 

And yet it is the physical pregnancy journey that brings with it a second journey, the path to motherhood.  While the two don't always go hand-in-hand, for many it is the pregnancy that creates the mother.  I am here to make you glow like the mother the rest of us see, to capture the love, the passion, the joy and the magic that is in your life.  To make you into the amazing goddess you are, and to capture a moment in time that is otherwise so fleeting.  


My maternity sessions aim to capture pregnancy as the beautiful transition that brings with it motherhood.  To capture the mother-to-be in her beauty, her glory, her glow.  I have trained with award-winning maternity photographers Ana Brandt and Eden Bao, and bring these experiences to my maternity sessions.  It is very much a time of transition, and with it may come feelings of uncertainty or self-doubts about the changing pregnant image. I'm here to help you glow like the beautiful mother we see in you.  Please visit my maternity gallery to see if my work aligns with your vision.

Sessions are generally 1 or 2 hours in length depending on the package booked, and can be done either in-studio or on-location, weather-dependent.  I provide gowns for all of my maternity clients - including some Mommy & me matching gowns for big sisters - and have a range of appropriate backdrops that we can use for in-studio sessions.  Please visit my gallery to see some of my most popular gowns.

Maternity sessions with Kirsten Laufer Photography - helping you discover your inner goddess.

Your maternity session with Kirsten Laufer Photography

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