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Newborn session with baby J

Yesterday morning brought a newborn session to start off the school week. Baby J, the first baby born in 2017 at her hospital, and her parents came over for a lovely morning together. I always forgot how little they are in the newborn stage - my toddler was a bruiser even at birth - and this adorable 9-day-old was a gem at between seven and eight pounds.

We did a combination of lifestyle and posed shots for J, at her mother's request. At the beginning of the session, J snuggled into both her mom's and dad's arms, eyes wide to check out the world around her. Into the early afternoon, she nodded off, and we were able to grab some wonderful posed shots using some of the clothes loved ones have given her.

I've known J's parents for quite some time, and it was absolutely wonderful to capture the newborn moments for their newest addition to the family. Congratulations on being the first 2017 baby and welcome to the world, baby J!

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