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Life post lockdown

It's been an interesting year. The lockdown hit my small business hard - as it did so many small businesses - but I'm fighting through it and moving forward. It's exciting to see things bounce back and see what the world holds as it reopens.

2020 is quieter than last year, but rebounding to be quite busy. June is...jammed.

With much of my school-year focus on class and student portraits, I'm pleased to announce that as of today, I have provided school photo services for 16 days already in 2020. An additional 14 days are on the roster for June, with 36 school days booked and confirmed for autumn 2020.

...what does this mean? If your school was on the roster for autumn 2019, rest assured that your school has already fully rebooked for next year. I actually have schools on the roster for as far out as April of 2021!

And for those of you who have children attending schools I don't serve, I'm pleased to offer a select number of dates in August and September for you to have the same quality portraits done in-studio. Please visit here to book.

With the new restrictions in place, there have been some necessary changes to my operations. When possible, school sessions are now outdoors. This spring has seen my set appear in city parks, parking lots, basketball courts and loading zones, to name a few. Sessions are fully contactless with the exception of a stool that gets sprayed with aerosol Lysol between sessions. As always, I keep my distance from my littlest friends but work harder than ever to engage them and to elicit those amazing smiles we love to see.It's been an amazing journey. I'm so thankful for all of my preschool friends, and can't wait to continue to serve you in the future!

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