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Happy 2019!

It's been a whirlwind. 2018 into 2019, the end of 2018, already a month into 2019. During that time, 20 additional Christmas mini sessions, 12 newborns, 33 New Year's and glitter sessions, our own family vacation, and the whirlwind that is the Christmas season.

That's why it's taken me 7 weeks to update my blog. There's no excuse, but amidst all of the life and studio happenings of 2018/9, blog updates get pushed to the wayside.

So let's start out with December. Six additional newborns, 20 additional Christmas mini sessions...and a smattering of family and cake smash sessions. This was relatively "quiet" compared to the busy-ness of November, but with a visit from relatives and the usual Christmas concerts to attend, it made for quite the month.

At the end of the month, my family and I took off for a family vacation. We boarded our flight with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches proudly packed by this mom pathetically attempting to be domestic, only to be told that no nuts were allowed on the flight. Six hours, four hungry people, one box of Mike & Ike's (yes, I have an affinity for Mike & Ike's) and a rather forlorn-looking piece of microwaved Air Canada pepperoni pizza later, we arrived on vacation jet-lagged, hungry and tired. At that point, it was spam musubi and pass-o-guava juice to the rescue. (If you've been to our Christmas destination this year, these two items are a dead giveaway as to where we went.)

Giveaway aside, we spent 10 days enjoying a family vacation as much as we could with two crazy little boys. For whatever reason, a spout of random vomiting nailed the kids, including at the YVR baggage claim and all over little brother in the middle of the bed on Christmas Eve night...but despite the sickness, it was truly a nice getaway and great to experience some warm weather and down time as a family again. Every time we are together, we marvel at their milestones - our older son can finally swim well and spent hours in the hotel pools, in the ocean and on waterslides. Our younger son apparently has an affinity for hopping in front of large crowds and attempting the hula as only a clueless 3-year-old can do. They scampered over lava fields and spent hours boogie-boarding in the surf...even when the boogie board was 3x our preschooler's size. It was magical.

January came flying back to life with a collection of newborn sessions - as of this writing, 6 completed, 2 scheduled and 2 more due dates this next week, family sessions, first birthday portrait sessions and New Year's sessions. While January and February are generally slow photography-wise, I've been blessed with an amazing number of clients this the point that some of my spring months are already nearly booked.

Until I get completely caught up with website edits, here's a collection of some of the memories from my sessions these past two months. Happy 2019!

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