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The Snow

We live in Canada...but admittedly are blessed to be in a part of Canada where it never gets too cold, where we don't get much snow. In the past four years, we've had a handful of snowstorms that have dumped 1-2", with all of the snow gone within a day or two.

Enter this year. December brought a handful of decent snowfalls, with the snow sticking around for stunning pictures. January was fairly snow-less, but February has been another story. Since February 3, we have had one snowstorm after another. It's made for amazing scenery, happy children, and some messy commutes.

Sometimes it's all about the memories, especially with children. The snow has given me wonderful opportunities to play with my boys. And this time around, it's all about the memories. I'm not ashamed to admit that these photos were grabbed on my phone. I love my D-SLR, but there's no way I'm bringing it on a sled with a novice preschooler driving!

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