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Newborn session with Baby L - part II

...continuing from yesterday...

A big part of a newborn session is patience. Newborns operate on their own time schedule, and there's no point in altering it. As anyone who has had a newborn can attest, life with a newborn all-too-often revolves around diaper changes, feedings and brief periods of sleep...only to repeat again within the hour. It's no different at a newborn photography session!

The feedings and changes that occur during a newborn session invariably mean that extra time is needed - that a good chunk of the time I'm at the session might be with other family members besides the newborn himself. That's when family photography comes in handy, and what happened this past weekend during baby L's feedings and changes. Big sister was quite happy to be in front of the camera, and we had some great fun capturing her sweet exuberance and playtime with her dad.

The birth of a sibling is such an exciting time for the whole family...and for a big sibling, it's a wonderful and meaningful transition to a new role. My job as a lifestyle photographer is to capture this special time in the life of the entire family. In this case, big sister deserved as much camera time as she wanted for doing such a great job as a big sister. Her little brother is lucky to have her!

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