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Project 365

One of the perks of being a mom is meeting other women entering the same journey of motherhood. Some are ahead of me on the path, some are behind me, and some are well past the journey I'm on. Our paths may all be different, but we all walk a similar journey full of bumps and unexpected twists.

Kendal is one of the moms I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years. We met when our children were in the same toddler music class and bonded when we realized we had matching due dates for our second children. Our paths crossed yet again when we discovered we were both moving to a neighbouring town the year after our second children were born.

She is a lovely, kind and inspirational person. She also happens to be a photographer, and was an inspiration for me to finally pursue my own dreams. You can see some of Kendal's amazing work on her website at

Recently, we found ourselves chatting about - what else? - photography. She is part of a group called The Narrative Society, and participates in their Project 365 opportunity. In a nutshell, Project 365 lets photographers test their skills by offering new and challenging daily prompts. As I understand it, in the case of the Narrative Society, the focus is to teach the art of storytelling through photography.

As an artist, as a photographer...and as a mom...storytelling is a huge part of what I do. I don't just want to take a picture. I want to create art, create a story.

Kendal kindly invited me to join the project, so without further delay - I am introducing you to my first foray into the world of photographic storytelling. To capture the day's prompt accurately, I cranked the ISO down well below my comfort level, to close to 100-200 for a nighttime indoor shot. My exposure meter was low - something that I've never intentionally tried before - and yet the picture captured the moment in time perfectly. A toddler standing on a nightstand exploring a lightbulb. Does life get any more curious?

Day 53 / 365: Underexposed

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