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A month-long break

It's been a month since I've posted any photos. A whirlwind and exhausting month of both relaxation and adventure. I guess that seems like an oxymoron. And yet - anyone who lives with young children knows how life can be both busy and mundane at the same time.

In the past month, I've traveled around 6000 miles with my family, experienced flight delays, toddler tantrums and a Caribbean cruise-turned Spring Break with a capital S and B. We enjoyed sunshine but returned home to a biting cold rain. We survived a 3 AM wake-up call for a flight home with two little kids, an 8-hour layover in one of the biggest North American cities out there, and a flight delay because the airline forgot to load the cargo.

I almost didn't bring my big camera. After all, traveling with two little kids and all their accoutrements is enough of a challenge without lugging a delicate and cumbersome camera as well. I finally decided to bring it, but with just one lens that would be firmly attached throughout the trip.

It was big. It was heavy. It made my neck sore.

And even with it, we still ended up buying all of the photo packages that came our way.

...but despite all of that, I have no regrets on my heavy & precious cargo. We've been home two weeks now, and I've barely scratched the surface on editing our vacation photos. I took over 4000, and have edited maybe 50. In the past week alone, they've gotten pushed aside for three separate client galleries.

When I look at the pictures, I realize that my camera let me capture the memories I want to have of our vacation. The memories that are important to me. Truth be told, it was kinda fun to feel like our vacation was being followed by a professional photographer - even if it means that I was the one who happened to be behind the lens. I'm glad we have some great permanent images.

Someday I'll get caught up with my Project 365, and if I'm lucky, I'll also finish editing our spring break pictures. But for now, I'm happy with what I've done and what we've captured.

I'm thankful for the memories.

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