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Sunshine at low tide

This past weekend saw us hosting two more international students and - once again - showing them the local sites. A trip to Peace Arch and White Rock was a part of the plan, but unlike our last sightseeing voyage to the border, this weekend's weather was warm and sunny.

A great day for photography.

A great day to leave my big camera at home.

...but as I've been much of photography is about capturing the moment. The iPhone came out to capture random snapshots of all four of our kids.

The tide was out as we arrived in White Rock. The boys wanted to play in the tidal flats. B was wearing his rain boots for once, so we gladly acquiesced.

It turns out his rain boots were great at holding in the water captured from his splashes.

What a wonderful day at White Rock. And these may just be snapshots, but I'm pretty darn pleased with them.

As the weather continues to warm, I will be doing mini sessions at White Rock - please stay tuned! I can't wait to add the playfulness of the beach and boardwalk to my portfolio.

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