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The Y family

In early April, I met up with the Y family for a family session to celebrate their little guy's first birthday. We were hoping to meet at Kirkland House, but construction on site the day of our shoot led us to follow the previous session up to gorgeous Diefenbaker Park. I was really excited for this session because in addition to my trusty standard lens, I also had my zoom lens on hand...perfect for pictures on the bridges and across the pond.

I met mom, dad, and little guy at the parking lot with their sweet and energetic dog, Thor, in tow. The weather was a touch warmer and sunnier than the previous week - finally starting to resemble the spring weather we've been so dearly awaiting - and it was delightful capturing the sweet love between mom, dad and little guy. Thor joined us for some photos as well - he was quite eager to join in as soon as he saw the ducks swimming by in the pond.

Towards the end of our session, the little guy started getting tired; it was clear that he was done with the camera. Rather than stress an exhausted toddler, we decided to postpone the individual portraits we were hoping to do until a day when we could more effectively capture his sweet nature. I can't wait to do those shots later this week!

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