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The W family - Extended family at Brittania

One of my favourite aspects of being a family photographer is working with repeat customers - capturing families as the kids grow up, as time passes.

The W family hired me for Christmas photos at Stewart Farm last Christmas; just a few months later, they contacted me for a session with the extended family. This time around, the family included visiting relatives from both Alberta and Nova Scotia, and they were interested in an afternoon session at lovely Brittania Shipyards in Richmond.

In just a few short months, both kids had grown noticeably, and the little guy had lost his front teeth. Talk about changes! The kids were as sweet as ever, and more than happy to lead their adorable younger cousins into pictures. The three sets of adults had great fun with sibling rivalry and having fun with one another.

...and in typical British Columbia fashion, the weather was...well...unpredictable! It was cloudy and ominous when we arrived. Within five minutes, the skies let loose into a downpour. The pouring rain gave way to drizzle, which turned into clouds, which turned into late afternoon sun. All within the course of an hour. I love springtime in British Columbia!

At the end of our session, we let the kids have some fun playing with umbrellas in the Brittania fields. They had a great time, and the photos were very much reflective of our weather here in the Pacific Northwest. I'll save those for another post, another day!

Working with the W family again reminded me of how fortunate I am to experience families, to capture life as it grows and changes. As a related project, I have started a customer loyalty and referral program to reward my dearest VIP customers. For every five completed sessions, receive a free mini session as my gift to you. And for those who refer me to others, receive 50% off an upgrade to full gallery on your next session. These are my small ways of thanking you, for showing my own gratitude to you.

I am honoured to do what I do.

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