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Babies, Babies Everywhere! (Part I)

I had the pleasure of spending a morning earlier this week with Movies for Mommies Vancouver. For anyone unfamiliar, MFM is an opportunity for moms and little ones to attend movies and showings specifically designed for them. The lights are up, the sound is down and baby/kid noise is to be expected. It's a wonderful program.

I joined this week's showing with my trusty camera and backdrops in tow in order to capture some special Mother's Day photos for the moms in attendance. And moms there were! New moms, experienced moms, grandmas, moms of twins, moms of girls, moms of boys...I met a lot of them. In one hour, we somehow got through 11 photography studio sessions.

It was a magical experience. So much baby love! So many smiles, and even a fair amount of drool. It was my pleasure to capture these moms with their little ones at M4M, and I can't wait to join them again.

...and on a personal note, this was my first experience using my studio backdrop set for back-to-back mini sessions. 11 sessions in an hour! I am pleased with how they came out as well as happy with the skills I mastered in that hour. What an amazing, amazing opportunity.

Below are some of the sweet subjects I met earlier this week. I'll post the others separately!

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