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Engagement session with N & D

N & D are getting married this summer, and have hired me for their wedding photography. Part of their wedding photography package was a 1-hour engagement session at a local location of their choice. They're quite fond of North Van's Cleveland Dam and asked for the session to be held there.

Saturday morning dawned early and...rainy. When I woke up, I wasn't completely optimistic as to how the weather would hold out. By the afternoon, however, rain clouds gave way to overcast skies. On the drive to North Vancouver, the clouds completely disappeared, giving way to our beautiful summertime sun.

N & D are an absolutely beautiful couple, both inside and out. As the early evening sun drifted towards the mountains, we spent time joking, smiling and laughing. They marvelled at the gorgeous snow-capped mountains and spent time walking hand-in-hand along the dam. The setting was the perfect backdrop for such a special engagement session, and I look forward to capturing their wedding later this summer.

Best wishes, N & D. I am so excited for you at this wonderful place in your lives.

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