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Beach session with the D family

I had the pleasure of joining the D family last week for a great session at Centennial Beach. This happy foursome was full of life and the end of the session, we were all covered in sand, salt and dog smooches from a puppy who meandered over to our photo session. We spent as much time splashing in the water as we did wrestling in the sand...and when we threw Nana into the mix, the kids erupted into a tickle fest.

Life with kids. As so many of us have learned, it's not necessarily about the sweet, perfectly posed memories. Life with kids is so often loud, messy, and full of salty kisses and skinned knees. This photo shoot was the perfect foray into the beauty of parenthood.

Perhaps no picture below captures this more perfectly than the bottom picture, that of Mom and Dad with Nana. Look closely beyond the poses...or more specifically, look to the bottom of the picture. Even in this beautifully posed picture of the parents, the kids were perfecting being kids.

Thank you so much for letting me share in your beautiful June evening, D family. I hope you had as much fun at our session as I did capturing it!

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