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Sweet little baby

Christmas has come earlier this year. Last weekend, Santa dropped off an amazing new lighting system to the house. As our daylight gets shorter and sunny days fade into memory, I am so thankful to announce the addition of my new lighting system - for both in-studio sessions and indoor sessions on the go - to enhance your photos!

This precious little girl was the first under the lights, so to speak. Sweet Miss L is a 3-month-old baby who I'd last seen during her newborn session and her family's beach session this past summer. Mom and L answered the door when I'd arrived, and unlike the teeny little newborn I'd remembered, Miss L gave me the biggest, gummiest of baby smiles. My insides melted seeing her precious smiles.

It's amazing how much a little one grows in just three months. When she was a newborn, we got a lot of shots of her curled up, resting and cuddled with the family. As a three-month-old, she can prop up her head, explore the world and stay bright-eyed during an entire photo session. Three months ago, the smiles we received were mainly a passing coincidence. This time around, the smiles were all genuine - letting mom and me know that she was happy and content.

Have a wonderful holiday season, Miss L! Santa definitely hired the cutest elf when he brought you on board this year. :).

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