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A drizzly family session at Stanley Park

It's that time of year again - the time of year when rain makes everything a little more damp...a little wetter and darker. November was apparently the wettest month we've had in a while, and anyone in Vancouver at that time can definitely agree with that. As I sit here in December typing in the winter sunshine, I still have trouble processing that the sun still exists!

With the rain comes challenges for outdoor photography. Some of my sessions went on as normal, some were postponed and others were moved. Last Saturday (okay, technically December...but barely December), an afternoon of mini sessions got moved from Queen Elizabeth Park to one of the picnic pavilions at Stanley Park. And lo and behold, as the clock ticked, the skies finally slowed enough so that we were able to get out from undercover.

These were two of my families at Stanley Park last week. While the skies were grey, their happiness was so infectious. The love and joy of these families very much brightened up the otherwise chilly winter weather. Have you ever seen a family this much fun?

I had a great time with you, T and V families - I look forward to our next session together!

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