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Cake Smash with Miss J

Miss J was one of my first newborns a little over a year ago. It somehow seems fitting that she would be the first little one to bring cake into my new studio space with her 1-year-old cake smash and portraiture session.

(Yep, I've moved into a new studio space - having given up my temporary den space for a much more permanent - and much more amazing - studio! Additional photos to follow in the coming weeks.)

We had a great time playing with the washbasin, enjoying a 1-year-old's sized rocking chair and rocking it out with the cake. She dove in hands-first, but interestingly enough, baby J wasn't interested in much more than dabbling with the frosting. Still, it was an adorable cake smash - and we had a great time celebrating her first birthday together.

Happy 1st birthday, sweet Miss J!

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