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Backdrops and sets

I have a minor addiction to backdrops. <3. Purchase the right one, and it can transport us to other worlds. Backdrops are truly an amazing way to enhance indoor photography sessions.

With my addiction comes a fairly (just fairly!) comprehensive collection of drops; my full gallery is available at (names are in the photo comments). All of these drops are available to my clients for in-studio sessions that allow for this personalized touch. Cake smashes, maternity, newborn and mini portrait sessions are some of the photo sessions that my backdrop collection has been designed for.

Don't see what you're looking for? Please let me know. Between the local photography network and my addiction to backdrops, I may be able to locate the backdrop of your dreams...all in the name of my collection, of course.

The photos below are, well, because what's a blog post from a photographer without any pictures attached? All were taken last night in studio using a handful of spring-themed backdrops. Here's to springtime!

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