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Now announcing - my loyalty program!

My 2-year-old may look slightly possessed and crazy in this photo, but these are his love eyes. He's pleased to announce the start of my customer loyalty program. There are three incentives for my amazingly wonderful clients:

For any customer who has previously had a family or mini session with me, receive 50% off the full-gallery upgrade price on future sessions...and since you know that my galleries are chock full of amazing photos, this is a great option!

Receive first dibs on session bookings. I will post special mini session dates on my listserv (and if I also make one, a private group) for repeat customers.

Book multiple sessions at one time, and receive additional discounts and special offers. Thinking of a few sessions during the year? Let me know what you're thinking, and we can work together to create an amazing package that works for you.

This is my way of saying thank you to the fantastic clients who have let my lens capture their worlds.

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