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On vacation

Earlier this week, we returned home from a roughly two-week vacation. Three time zones, two long-haul flights, and two energetic little boys as traveling companions always makes for an adventure.

But I digress. I purchased my first D-SLR when I was pregnant with my first son, in the hopes of capturing amazing images and amazing memories of life as a family. That was my first goal for my first D-SLR purchase, to be able to capture amazing moments.

Six years later, I nearly left my camera at home. Torn between wanting to ensure the safety of my camera and wanting to capture the memories, I wavered on what to do.

At the end of the day, I went with it. With my D-SLR safely packed at the bottom of a heavy carry-on, it journeyed with us.

Surely, there were some interesting moments - like the time my 5-year-old dumped a handful of sand directly _in_ the camera bag and the time a random stranger offered to borrow my camera to capture some family photos for us while I was capturing tourist-y photos of the kids. Thanks but no thanks - I've seen National Lampoon's European Vacation one too many times.

All in all, however, bringing it was the right decision for me. The camera didn't come out all of the time, but when it did, it captured some moments I won't soon forget.

Spring break 2018 - one for the memories.

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