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I've started adding photos of newborns curled up in mom's - or dad's - hands to a session when parents request them. These were some of my own favourites from my older son's newborn session nearly six years ago, and there's nothing like the poignancy of seeing the baby in a parent's hands to realize just how small they really were.

As my nearly six-year-old sleeps aside me - yes, he still prefers to cuddle with mom - all I can say is that they grow up in the blink of an eye. While I wouldn't trade any moment with the boy he's become, I very much miss his sweet newborn cuddles, the wisps of hair on his sweet-smelling head.

A majority of my galleries are done in both colour and black & white. The sample images below provide a sense of the conversions with which I work. While colour is my general go-to, sometimes a photo absolutely shines in b&w.

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