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The E family - Sunset Session

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of working with the E family. We joked beforehand that given the plethora of children / families with young children on my website, perhaps they should hire a child to join their session. That being said, I enjoy working with families of all shapes and sizes, including those without children. The E family was no exception!

In our pre-session discussions, M had mentioned to me that their wedding photos decades earlier were some of the only professional photos they'd had done, and that sadly those photos had disappeared with time. We were determined to make the session a special one for them, not to make up for the missing wedding photos, but to capture a beautiful moment in time for them.

At first, A wasn't sure he wanted to have his photo taken. We promised him that if he acquiesced, he wouldn't need to return for another photo session...ever! By the end of the night, the promise wasn't even needed. We were joking and laughing like long-lost friends, and the three of us had an absolutely wonderful time.

The BC wildfire smoke created an absolutely ethereal scene that night. M and A, thank you for joining me in capturing some lovely memories.

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