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Newborn Session with A

Aside from weddings, my newborn sessions are by far my lengthiest sessions. As such, it's a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know the new mom and chat about their world, their family, their new arrival. New parenthood is such a special time, and I treasure every discussion I have with all of my newborn clients.

One of the questions I often ask parents during our sessions is whether they knew the gender of the little one prior to birth. Some say "yes," others say "no" - I always love hearing the story behind the gender surprise!

...which leads me to this amazing couple a few weeks ago. Mom and dad brought their beautiful baby girl to my studio, and I asked this question of them. They paused, and then mom said "He knew, but I didn't!" It turns out that dad wanted to know the gender, but mom didn't. He found out in advance and managed to keep it quiet throughout the pregnancy.

There's no doubt in my mind that this family will have an amazing life together. For him to find out the gender and be able to respect her own desire to not know. Such an amazing story behind the start of a beautiful little girl's arrival into the world.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby A...

...after the session, I received this heart-melting email from mom:

Thank you so much! I wasn't expecting them so soon. The photos are just beautiful! I can't wait for G and the rest of my family to see them...I woke up to feed N and I'm now stuck on viewing the gallery over and over again....

Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job, you captured N perfectly and I also have to say G and I were so impressed by how you handled her with such ease to get the right shots - we took notes!"

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