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Family Session - the K family

October saw sunny weather. Not just sunshine, but perhaps the most gorgeous October on record, with sunny skies and warm temperatures straight through the month.

I went to graduate school in California. I have to admit that as much as I love Vancouver, I would trade anything for California's weather. This past month reminded me of it!

...but I digress. With the beautifully sunny skies, it does become easy to assume that the weather will plan photo sessions around the midday sun and golden hour light.

The K family was one such session. We planned for an early morning session in late October, intending to capture the morning golden light a few days before our fall time change. What a surprise to wake up the morning of our shoot and not see light streaming in the window, but a heavy fog instead!

Thankfully we are British Columbians, and why would a little fog stop us from an amazing session? It created an ethereal setting for what proved to be a magical family session.

Thanks so much for asking me to capture your family shots, K family. It was my pleasure working with all of you!

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