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In the scene (59/365)

Today's prompt was "In the scene." In other words, set the timer on 10 seconds and hop in the picture. Ten whole seconds to get wherever I'm going and get set up. Should be easy, right?

Somehow my own kids are always a good test for challenging shots. For the first few shots, I attempted resting the camera on a book on the floor. The toddler repeatedly moved the book. Photos out of focus. For the next few, he pressed various buttons, affecting the viewfinder and camera settings each time. We then tried shots from the table. Slightly better, but by this point, the kid was fussy. In half of the pictures, I had a death grip on him or he was pouting noticeably.

We finally tried one more on the floor. Partially a sweet opportunity for me to kiss my boy, partially to keep him still enough so that we'd actually be in focus in a picture together for once.

Photography with toddlers - never a dull moment!

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