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The K family

After recovering from our trip south - it's hard to believe it was nearly a month ago - I resumed photography starting with a family session with the K family. An adorable extended family consisting of grandparents, parents, a preschooler and a baby, they wanted a session capturing the love across generations.

We met at Diefenbaker Park early one weekend morning. The weather hadn't warmed up yet, so the park was still quite sleepy. The preschooler was more than happy to watch the ducks and run down the paths, and his little sister was full of sweet smiles and love. These two kids are well loved and adored, and it shows.

All in all, it was a great session. Diefenbaker is a lovely location for photos with the pond, hills and trees, and the weather - although chilly - was perfect for our photos. It truly was a pleasure spending my weekend with such a wonderful family.

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