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The fish parade

A few weeks back, our son asked us if he could have a fish. Picturing a sweet goldfish in a fish bowl lazily swimming laps, we were happy to acquiesce.

It turns out he wanted none other than that most beloved of tropical fish, the blue tang.

Also known as a Dory. From Finding Nemo and Finding Dory fame.

My husband and I chatted about it, and then chatted some more. It turns out that a reef aquarium is a far cry from the lazy goldfish bowl we were envisioning. For starters, Dory prefers large tanks, ones at least 55 gallons.

But it also just so happens that we both love fish, and living in the north, we miss the tropical fish from our days snorkelling and diving down south. And it also turns out that a local family was preparing to sell their own fish tank.

We now randomly have a coral reef sprouting in our living room. And couldn't be happier.

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