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The A family - Extended family in the gardens

Another morning, another day of editing in front of me. Before bed, I finished off on a mega-size gallery and sent it off to upload to my server. Thankfully all went well, and this morning I was greeted with a fully-uploaded gallery. It's a nice way to wake up, even if that wake-up call was at 3:30 AM!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the A family for an extended family session in a park in Richmond. As our weather has been becoming autumnal, the forecast was a touch in doubt; however, the rain held off, and we were instead granted some lovely intermittent sun amidst the otherwise overcast skies.

It turns out that part of the family had literally *just* stepped off of a plane from Ontario, and that foursome was meeting their newest BC relative for the first time at our session. Talk about emotional! I feel very blessed to have been able to share in that moment, and to capture their memories together.

You are a gorgeous family, A family. Thank you for asking me to capture your special weekend.


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