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The P family - extended family at QE Park

Last summer, I had the privilege of working with the P family. An extended family spanning four generations, they asked me to meet at a very specific location in QE Park that was full of memories for their family.

The week we met was one to remember. In typical BC fashion, our summer was dry and the lawns were...well...yellow. While the Lower Mainland itself was relatively safe, the Pacific Northwest was full of wildfires, and our skies were quite smoky, creating an orange haze wherever the eye could see. It created an amazing backdrop.

Four generations of the P family arrived, from a centenarian down to a quite-young baby. The tree where they'd asked me to meet was one where, four decades earlier, Mom and Dad had carved their initials while on a date.

The carving is still there. and the family has expanded from a lovely couple on a date to include their children's generation as well as their children's children. And throughout it all, like the carving, their love endures.

Thank you for inviting me to capture your world, P family. Wishing all of you much love and joy.

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