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Newborn session: Baby J and canine friend

I often have inquiries from families of babies older than one month who are interested in a newborn session, but worried that the baby is too old / big /strong for the session. That was the case for baby J. His mom contacted me when he was just over a month to enquire about a photo session. We booked the session for the 8-week mark, and it was wonderful to welcome them to the studio.

Baby J came to the studio with mom, dad, and his furry brother - a blond dachshund with a name that was incredibly fitting for his colouring. We started the session with photos of the pup before moving into pup & baby photos, baby posed shots and family shots. It was a delightful session.

Like true newborns, these older newborn sessions share some characteristics. The preparations are very similar, and we still aim for a variety of sleeping shots of baby wrapped...both in props and in the beanbag. However, baby generally has much more rigid sleep / wake schedules, so we may spend a decent amount of time capturing alert photos as well. The level of interaction with a baby this age is amazing!

While babies this age generally cannot get into the tight newborn poses that true newborns can, the amount of interaction we generally are able to capture often makes up for it. As you can see from my photo session with baby J, we finished with some amazing images capturing a little boy on the brink of babyhood as he steps away from the delicate nature of the newborn world.

Welcome to the world, baby J. Thank you for bringing your buddy M to my studio for your newborn session together.

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